Polygonal Cemetery update

The pack has been updated. A new character added.

New characters in the Polygonal Cemetery

Two new characters (werewolf and witch) are already added to the pack!

Polygonal Cemetery

Oh! A new 3D Pack is ready and available on The Unity Asset Store. There are 2 polygonal style scenes with modular crypts, cemetery props and a cool necromancer in this pack!

Modular City Pack is available

Hey! Polygonal Modular City Pack is already available on the Unity Asset Store. http://u3d.as/1wYR 

Coming Soon! Polygonal Modular City Pack

Hi! I just finished working on my new asset pack that helps you create a city with highly customizable interiors and exteriors. I hope that it will be available for purchase very soon. In the meantime, you can… Read More

Biker Girl

New character for your low poly style game. 3D preview Unity Asset Store: Biker Girl

8 Magic Staves For Your Fantasy Setting Games

Video of the magic staffs in action under the cat Unity Asset Store: 8 Magic Staves

Bloody Showel!

Hi there! Here you can find an excellent model of a shovel in three variations. 3D Preview Unity Asset Store: Bloody Shovel

Cartoon Zombie Lab Asset

We are glad to present you a new asset pack that you can use for your projects. Unity Asset Store Page: Cartoon Zombie Lab